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Dorcas Tabitha A Woman Known For Her Charity Acts 9:36 - 43 by Digital Ink SendMe Radio

One woman in the Bible who is known for her kindness and her sewing skills is Dorcas, also known as Tabitha in the Book of Acts. According to the Bible, Dorcas was a resident of Joppa, a city located on the coast of modern-day Israel. A little bit more on Joppa's geographical location and rich history would shed more like on Dorcas.

Joppa, also known as Jaffa, is a coastal city located in modern-day Israel. In the Bible, it is mentioned several times as an important port city and a center of trade. In the Old Testament, it is mentioned as the place where Jonah set sail to Tarshish, and where Solomon received cedar and cypress timbers to build the Temple in Jerusalem (2 Chronicles 2:16). In the New Testament, it is where Peter received a vision from God to preach to the Gentiles and where he raised Dorcas from the dead.

Joppa was an important city in the ancient world due to its location on the Mediterranean coast. It was a major port for trade and commerce, and served as a gateway for travelers and traders coming from Egypt, Greece, and other parts of the Roman Empire. The city was also known for its fishing industry and its production of a type of purple dye made from the murex shellfish, which was highly prized in the ancient world. The purple dye made from the murex shellfish, also known as Tyrian purple or royal purple, was highly prized in the ancient world. It was used to dye clothes, fabrics, and other materials, and was associated with wealth, power, and nobility. The dye was made by extracting a pigment called "purpura" from the glands of certain species of murex shellfish, which were found along the Mediterranean coast, including in the area of Joppa (Jaffa) in ancient Israel.